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Vegetill Farms is a local, certified organic producer dedicated to providing quality produce for our local community. 


For the past 29 years, we have been based in the Waihi area giving us the benefit of fertile Waikato soils.


We are passionate about being custodians of this land and protecting it for generations to come.


Growing organic produce allows us to manage our land in a sustainable way, making sure we are able to continually offer our customers quality healthy food without negatively impacting our environment.

It allows us to develop biodiversity and create an ecosystem which harnesses the power of nature meaning we don’t need to rely on chemical interventions


We grow everything we sell, this allows us to maintain our high-quality standards and ensure the integrity of our produce.


All our produce is seasonal and grown in the soil which adds to the flavour as well as making sure it is packed full of nutritional goodness.